About Us

MAC General Trading Co has established in 2015 and is a raw material and feedstock supplier company that imports, exports and sells petroleum derivatives, petrochemicals and chemicals.

Headquarter located in Tirana, Albania and the company has offices in Romania (Ploiești), Iran (Tehran) and Istanbul. The company mainly focuses to supply solid bitumen, urea, diesel fuel and plastic raw materials from from Middle East, Africa and Asia for the needs of the Balkan countries; In addition to its wide product range, it provides affordable price advantages for the products it focuses on.

MAC General also exports high quality humanitarian use materials, food and technical equipment from Turkey and European countries to the Middle East and African countries.

Time Tunel

  • 1992
  • Early 2000s
  • Mid-2000s
  • 2011
  • 2015
  • 2022
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Consultancy to Ministry of Energy of Albania on recycle of petroleum waste project
MAC General Albania starts its international trading operations
MAC General invited to Romania to consult on Petroleum Waste Recycle Projects